It’s delicious to love everything!

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It’s delicious to love everything!

Over the years, Mrs. Carol Pies has gathered a unique set of cooking and baking capabilities where she makes heavenly Sweet Potato Pies, Pound Cake, Cheesecakes, and Peach Cobblers. Her sweet products are the perfect combination of classical recipes and modern ingredients. Even with the rising demand of her products, she makes sure her customers get what they want and that’s the formula of her success.

Another overlooked thing is the freshness of ingredients that give every recipe a unique blissfulness and taste; there is no alternative of freshness.


Why Carol’s Pies?

Well, there are two things we prioritize; taste and quality. Yet these are not the only reasons to taste our products.
Originality: It allows us to create mind blowing tastes and products which come with high nutritional value. The original classical recipes of these traditional desserts would take you back to sweet moments.
Hygienic Environment: We produce everything under tight hygienic conditions to ensure everything is of highest quality. All of our products are made fresh so you can get the taste of every grain and present the dessert to your guests with confidence.
Quality: There is no doubt about the quality of our desserts. We believe the high quality of the ingredients and the production process itself goes a long way in customer satisfaction and their brand loyalty.
Prompt Delivery: We take highest possible measures to deliver the freshly made desserts like Sweet Potato Pies, Peach Cobbler, Cheesecakes and Pound Cakes at your doorstep as soon as possible.

How It Started?

Thanks to her God gifted baking talent, Mrs. Carol has been sharing her delicious products for years and recently she decided to expand her venture to the online world. The availability of desserts on the internet opened a whole new market to her and right now she is focusing on her primary products like Sweet Potato Pies, Peach Cobbler, Cheesecakes and Pound Cakes. If you have any request or you want your favorite desserts to see in the list feel free to send her your suggestions. Don’t forget to look out for new products in the upcoming months.



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It's delicious to love everything!